Rainforest Tours

Cooper Creek Wilderness Tours

Cooper Creek Wilderness occupies the centrepiece of the last remnant of the oldest-surviving rainforest in the world. A Gondwanan rainforest relict that has survived more than 135-million years, where ancient plants like the “green dinosaur” remain as living proof of its persistence over the millenia. Containing the most extensive remnant populations of primitive angiosperms (flowering plant families) in the world, Cooper Creek Wilderness occupies the epicenter of this refugial treasure and is ideally positioned to showcase World Heritage values to visitors from around the world, through a variety of unique experiences:

Daintree Discovery Center

A world class ecotourism facility nestled in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest.

Located 10kms north of the Daintree River Ferry, the multi-award winning Centre allows visitors to enjoy the rainforest at every level — from the forest floor to the upper-most reaches of the canopy.

Jungle Surfing

Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours are unique rainforest tours where your feet don’t touch the ground. Fly through the trees on flying fox ziplines, stopping at 5 tree platforms to take in spectacular bird’s eye views over the treetops, down to cascading streams and out to the Great Barrier Reef.

Safe, fun, fully guided and with no experience necessary – an adventure activity for all ages.

Open 7 Days – 8 Tours Daily – Bookings Essential.