Open Roads from Daintree to Cooktown

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“Getting my fix at Archer Point”

I guess I’ve been a bit like an addict, strung out for a travel fix after almost 4 months not able to visit Cooktown from Cape Trib.

So, last week I was happy to take some friendly clients to Cooktown, and on the way back, we drove out to one of my very favourite places – Archer Point.

The turnoff to the Point is about 12 kms from Cooktown, with a further 12 kms to the first headland. The track in was a bit rough, with some blue metal thankfully dropped on the worst places.

Archer Point was at its very best—windy, of course, but with absolutely wonderful scenery and colours.

The area has lots of features — three beaches; a “new” (1979) lighthouse and an old lighthouse base on the headland; an off-shore island; a deserted wharf; mangroves; wonderful coastal scenery; and a genuine 4X4 track up to the Lighthouse, the highest spot in the area.

If you want to avoid the last tough stretch, you can simply drive to the first headland, enjoy the views, walk around, take some photos and return – all within the hour from the Cooktown turnoff. Add another 20 minutes to visit the lighthouse.

So, make sure you visit there soon. If you intend to camp, it is proper and polite to obtain permission from the traditional owners, via the Gungarde Corporation on 07 4069 5142.

Remember that the Cooktown Discovery Festival is coming up soon on the weekend of 10-13 June.

Week 16 Bloomfield Crossing progress

4WD vehicles are able to cross over, with some delays of up to one hour at times during the day, when major work is underway, or during high tides. Check the tide chart.

If you get delayed , you can use this time in a positive way by taking a free river trip on the passenger ferry, and wandering through the village and visiting the Arts Centre (Tuesdays to Thursdays), or just stop and have a cuppa. The ferry is now open seven days a week, indefinitely.

Currently, there is no Crossing work being done after about 4.30pm or at weekends, but this may change in case some weekend work is needed.

Good news. Cairns Council has agreed to keep the Crossing open all day for the Cooktown Discovery Festival 10-12 June! So, travel with confidence.

Back on the crossing, several of the 1 metre concrete blocks were in place over last weekend, as the photo shows. The plan is to place all of these into position, fill the space in between with stone, and later concrete in between to complete the temporary crossing.

Wildlife on the Track

In the meantime, look out for Spartacus the resident croc of Wujal Wujal Falls. Spartacus loves to warm himself on a rock facing the Falls. Anywhere along the river, especially at low tide, you have a good chance of spotting a croc, including from the Bloomfield River lookout.

You won’t see Jabba the wandering, lost adolescent Jabiru (Aren’t they all, though??). Keith and the staff at the Wujal Wujal Health Centre tended Jabba for a couple of weeks until he was able to be re-located a few days ago. Thanks from all of us, Keith. How much did those pilchards cost?

Happy travelling!”

Mike D’Arcy
D’Arcy of Daintree 4WDTours

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