Daintree Rainforest Natural Pool & Waterfalls

Natural Pool & Waterfalls in the Daintree

Your private, natural rock pools are set amongst the most beautiful forest in our region. Only a short path from the house and on the property, a natural swimming pool offers an enchanting and mesmerising experience.  Moss-covered boulders reveal cascading waterfalls that spill into a large naturally formed rock pool.  This then flows to an over-look that looks out over the forest and river below.  Waterfalls and the gentle but powerful presence of ancient trees will leave you with memories to treasure.

Relax underneath the Daintree Rainforest Canopy

You can spend hours swimming in our refreshing rock pools or just sitting on the giant sun warmed rocks, taking in the views and the ambiance of the Daintree Rainforest.

The permanent and nomadic inhabitants ….wild turtles, water dragons and blue fluorescent dragonflies will welcome you to their magical world.  You might even see the resident Cassowary, but remember to stay at a distance to view this beautiful bird!