Eco Certification – Eco tourism Australia

Stonewood Retreat – Daintree Accommodation has been awarded the Advanced Eco Certification Certificate, which illustrates our commitment to maintaining an Eco Friendly & Luxury accommodation at the same time by Eco tourism Australia and T-Qual. At Stonewood Retreat we are passionate about conserving the environment so that people from all over the world can experience .. read more

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Ecotourism – Energy-Saving Tips for Travelers

Ecotourism – Energy-Saving Tips for Travelers 10 things you can do to conserve energy when you travel 1. Fly Wisely: Air travel is often the most energy consuming aspect of your travel. Plan your trip so that you minimize air travel, and choose, whenever possible, to stay longer in a destination instead of making many short .. read more

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Ecotourism – Responsible Travel Tips

Stonewood Retreat is passionate about and has been working towards a better environment for now, and the next generations. We are working with an ecotourism certification program at the moment and would love to share our new discoveries and progress within the retreat and amongst the worldwide community. Watch this space!   Do’s and Don’ts While .. read more

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Open Roads from Daintree to Cooktown

That’s an article written by our friend Mike, whose passion has lead to him creating personalised 4WD tours around the Daintree area. Check it out: “Getting my fix at Archer Point” I guess I’ve been a bit like an addict, strung out for a travel fix after almost 4 months not able to visit Cooktown .. read more

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Daintree Flora

Rainforest Canopy Take a walk through our beautiful gardens filled with ancient trees, tropical native plants and a little orchid. Our daintree family  accommodation is totally private and an ideal set up to contemplate, centre and recharge from the normal life “busyness”. You can let your imagination flow and get immersed into the forest…. This .. read more

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Cooper Creek Causeway upgrade

Mayor Val Schier opened the Cooper Creek Causeway Cape Tribulation Road is now officially all-weather proof! Mayor Val Schier opened the Cooper Creek causeway with the help of a very friendly cassowary, ‘Max the Cass’. The cassowary pushed in to thwart the ribbon cutting ceremony Saturday evening to open the new Cooper Creek Bridge. Kids on decorated bikes, .. read more

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Cairns Regional Council offering free Daintree River ferry crossings

Free Ferry for the Daintree Free ferry trips across the Daintree River will be offered during the Easter holidays, encouraging everyone to take advantage of the attractions that exist right on their doorstep. Thanks to Cairns Regional Council, the ferry service will waive all crossing fees for the duration of the holidays. This is an .. read more

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Daintree Rainforest: local Information on Eco Tourism, Fauna & Flora..

Research, Maps in the Wet Tropics Heritage area: Cooper Creek Wilderness is a Daintree Rainforest Tour Company dedicated to conservation through education and sustainable tourism.  It’s a well worth reading and reference website for our tropical local area as well as experiencing one of  their tours. CCWild is only 5 minutes from our Daintree Accommodation have tours .. read more

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Facebook and Twitter

Stonewood Retreat has now a Facebook page and you can also follow us on Twitter!  There you can find our latest Special offers and see what we are up to!

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cyclone news

The Daintree has fortunately been spared from Cyclone Yasi. We have had a few small tree’s down, but overall nature has redecorated quite well. In fact, after all that exciting electrical storm, the forest, creek and air seem to be clearer then before.There is a sense of new beginnings…

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